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Gail Furlan

I am a Master’s level trained, registered Social Worker (MSW, RSW), Advanced Level Hypnotherapist (ACHt), Certified Holographic Memory Resolution (HMR) therapist and Supervisor with over 40 years of experience.  


My husband, John and I have three amazing daughters, three great son-in-laws and some super grandchildren.  I am a serious tennis player and recently became a cyclist.  I love the outdoors and find great joy in helping people experience less stress in their lives.


I retired as Director of the Family Counselling Centre in Sarnia in 2002 and since then have continued to add to my professioal training by  completing extensive training programs in Hypnotherapy and Subtle Energy in Seattle, Holographic Memory Resolution in Chicago, Colorado Springs and Port Huron, Michigan along with various courses in Imago Relationship Counselling, Developmental Couples Therapy, Mindfulness, etc.


I love to learn and I truly enjoy sharing what I learn to help others. Through my years of experience, I now believe that combining body-centered, and psycho spiritual approaches to the traditional psychological approaches is essential.  Therapy is evolving and neuroscience research is making significant impact on the way we treat depression and anxiety particularly.  As well, understanding the impact of trauma on our nervous system and knowing how to re-set our natural balance is exciting work.  Holographic Memory Resolution is one of the main modalities that I use to help people become less reactive and more balanced in their daily lives.  I love this work and will likely continue doing it until there are no more clients who reach out for my help or I become less excited about the changes that are possible with a little information and know-how!


Relationships. Career. Family. Money. Balance. Communication.​

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Overall Goals of Lasting Relationships:


1. Integrity   2. Authenticity   3. Alignment

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Finding Harmony and Healing in Relationships

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