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Reflection.  Healing.  Balance.  Compassion.  Acceptance.  

My philosophy is that when we have hope, things will begin to feel manageable.  Unfortunately, we often convince ourselves that our situation is hopeless because everything we try isn't working.  Our solutions are  often the problem as is our tendency to listen to all the "shoulds" in our heads.

We learn how to interact with others, problem solve and react to life's challenges from our parents and  significant people in our lives.  This learning is for the the most part unconscious.  We  seldom challenge our logic or thinking.  The reality is that we all struggle to survive and depending on how difficult our early years were, our coping mechanisms may be the same ones we learned prior to the age of seven!  The good news is that regardless of how challenging our lives are, we can learn ways to heal the hurt, disappointment and fear that we are experiencing,  At that point, hope is restored!

Finding out who we are,  and what works for us and at the same time allowing others to be who they are and respect what works for them is integral to healthy relationships with ourselves and others.

Connecting to ourselves helps in centering us, calming our nervous system and tapping into our body’s wisdom.

Compassion, nurturance and acceptance of ourselves need to be present in our lives versus  judgement and criticism.

Fear in its many forms causes us to act in ways that often results in our sabotaging  ourselves.

Drama in our lives can be reduced when we learn how OUR behaviour keeps drama happening.

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