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Relationships. Career. Family. Money. Balance. Communication.​


Life is a challenge at the best of times.  If you believe that life should have more to it, or you have done everything you know to achieve less conflict and stress but feel overwhelmed, unhappy, frequently anxious etc. then consider therapy with a body-centered, psychotherapeutic therapist.  Reaching out for help takes courage, however, therapy is an opportunity to relieve the impact of stresses in your life.  We are all the victims of trauma (defined as any experience that was overwhelming at the age and stage we experienced it).  We coped somehow with these experiences, but unfortunately, what we decided to do at an early age is encoded in our subconscious, which is okay until we realize that our solutions don't work as well when we are adults!  Therapy provides the means to help us become aware of how our unconscious programming is getting in our way in our current lives! 


Overall Goals of Lasting Relationships:

1. Integrity   2. Authenticity   3. Alignment


Some of the stresses of relationships:

  • looking to our partners/friends to fill our needs

  • not feeling secure/safe enough to express our wants and needs

  • wanting the other person to change so our needs will be met

  • having difficulty accepting that difference is good and that sameness is incomplete…



We Are Attracted To Our Opposites

(then we want to change them to be like us!)


Relationship Guidelines:

  • Know what we need.  Don’t expect our partner and/or friends to know or meet our needs in order for us to be happy – that is our responsibility! 

  • Honesty is essential - hiding information, telling half truths, and other "games" destroys trust

  • Commitment to the relationship, needs to be demonstrated through our behaviours

  • At the first signs of  RECURRING  distancing, fighting, wanting to give up etc.- seek help - the longer we wait, the worst it will get - it is a sign your solutions are NOT working!

  • It takes at least one of the people in the relationship to make changes in order to initiate the possibility of different responses from the other(s).


Finding Harmony and Healing in Relationship


This three-day workshop invites couples to explore their true potential for deeper intimacy and communication. It is currently being offered by myself and Brent Baum, founder of Holographic Memory Resolution (HMR).


We have long believed that 95% of couples' conflicts have less to do with the current relationship, and more to do with the unresolved stress from our trauma histories. Such events seize control of our psyche and distance us from the love, beauty, and trust that is within us. This three-day Couples Healing Intensive uses the breakthroughs in "emotional reframing" discovered over the past two decades to address obstacles to healthy communication and intimacy.


Redefining self, free of trauma, assists in our most loving, authentic self to emerge and a “no lose” scenario in relationship to be possible. Marriage and relationships are no longer viewed as the solution to unmet needs, but as an invitation to access inner resources and bring this richness into all levels of relationship. By resolving the effect of our personal and familial trauma, new opportunities for intimacy and decision-making arise. This is an exceptional opportunity for couples who are committed to exploring the invitation to healing that always accompanies relationship.


Who Would Benefit from this weekend experience?


  • Couples who are committed to each other, but want more emotional support and/or connection

  • Couples who want love and a “no lose” scenario”  in their relationship

  • Couples who love each other, but have tried everything to bring joy and peacefulness in to their relationship and feel stuck

  • Couples where addictions are interfering with their having the kind of relationship they both want

  • Couples who keep having the same disagreements over and over again

  • Couples who want to strengthen what they have and stop some of the sabotaging behaviours that result in blame and/or conflict


This is an exceptional opportunity for couples who are committed to exploring the invitation to healing that always accompanies relationship.

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