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Holographic Memory Resolution.  Breathwork.  Reaction Release Process.   Experiential Exercises.  Mindfulness.


Holographic Memory Resolution (HMR) is a body-centered, energetic approach to accessing and healing past traumatic experiences developed by Brent Baum STB, SSL, CADC, LISAC, CCH.  For more information on Brent Baum, you can visit his website:


Many personal and relationship issues as well as pain issues are exacerbated or generated by stress and trauma. Holograghic Memory Resolution empowers the body-mind to reveal and address the memory-based origins of these behaviours or conditions and releases the impact they have on our current life.  Thus, symptoms of stress and trauma, as evidenced by migraines, chronic pain, relationship issues, anxiety, depression etc.,  improve.


Breathwork is a body-centered, energetic process that integrates emotional, physical and spiritual healing. 


Reaction Release Process is a powerful process used to identify the sources of reactions to others’ behaviours and learn new ways to settle the energy system and experience safety and peacefulness.


Mindfulness involves quieting the mind, focusing on the body’s energy centres, allowing full presence, acceptance of self without judgement and and connection to “source”.

Holographic Memory Resolution


Reaction Release Process


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